WTF Wednesday #1

The SheEO team has been encouraging me to start a regular WTF Wednesday’s post. I tend to rant in silence or in the office, or in a car, or to my husband, to friends, uhm, I rant a LOT, I guess, but I rarely do it out loud.

When Emily, our new Comms person joined the team she scheduled an hour of “smash the patriarchy” into my calendar each week.

As a woman of a different “vintage” than most of my team I feel truly blessed to have their encouragement and their reminder to step outside my comfort zone. So here goes.

WTF Wednesday #1

I am constantly doing 15 minute check-ins with female entrepreneurs all over the world. Recently, I was checking in with an entrepreneur in Canada. She’s growing her business every day with a clear focus and drive that is truly inspiring. She’s in need of more capital so she pitched to an angel group. She got up, did a powerful pitch (she is a goddess saleswoman) and then the first question came.


“Are you single?




I raged inside as she relayed this story. You obnoxious, out-of-touch, cluelessly unaware, condescending…it makes me crazy that women continue to get comments like this from non-thinking men. This will NOT continue to happen on our watch.

SheEO Is going to launch an angel fund before the end of the year to do follow-on funding for our ventures because this s* needs to stop.

You are now on our list, unnamed angel group. We will tell everyone in our network to stay away from you. Right now women have very little choice where to get funded. That is going to change, much faster than you think. Disruption never looks like you think it does and it happens much quicker than you can ever imagine.

As we build a pipeline of thousands of world-changing ventures supported by millions of kick-ass, connected women we can’t wait until our ventures never have to stand in front of you again.  

All of you out-of-date misogynists are about to be left out in the cold.

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