Ventures & the SDG’s


Canadian Ventures
Abeego — Toni Desrosiers
Victoria, BC
Breathable, reusable beeswax food wrap that keeps food fresher for longer.
Lunapads — Suzanne Siemens & Madeleine Shaw
Vancouver, BC
Sustainable alternatives to disposable menstrual products.
Magnusmode — Nadia Hamilton
Waterloo, ON
Mobile app that enables people with autism and cognitive special needs to live with greater independence.
Skipper Otto — Sonia Strobel
Vancouver, BC
Community Supported Fishery that connects local fishermen and thoughtful consumers.
Twenty One Toys — Ilana Ben-Ari
Toronto, ON
Toys that teach empathy, failure and 21st century skills.
The Alinker — BE Alink
Montreal, QC
Walking bike for people with mobility challenges to maintain an active lifestyle.
Heartbeat Ai — Lana Novikova
Toronto, ON
Emotionally intelligent technology that helps machines understand human feelings and empathy.
Satya — Patrice Mousseau
Vancouver, BC
Organic eczema balm made with five natural ingredients.
SheNative — Devon Fiddler
Saskatoon, SK
Leather handbag and accessory brand dedicated to the empowerment of Indigenous women.
Joeyband — Hayley Mullins & Ashley Wade
Toronto, ON
Skin-to-skin product that prevents infant falls and improves bonding between parents and newborns.
ANANDA Devices — Margaret Magdesian
Montreal, QC
Microfluidic devices that make drug discovery 2x faster and 5x more cost-effective.
AVA Technologies — Valerie Song
Vancouver, BC
Indoor smart garden that enables you to grow fresh produce year-round.
The Discourse — Erin Millar
Vancouver, BC
Digital news media company reimagining the community newspaper.
HigherEdPoints — Suzanne Tyson
Toronto, ON
Enables people to convert loyalty points to pay for tuition.
Made with Local — Sheena Russell
Dartmouth, NS
Real Food Bars that are sourced from local farmers and handmade by people facing barriers to employment.
Nada — Brianne Miller
Vancouver, BC
Package-free grocery store changing the way people shop for groceries.
SucSeed — Emily Bland
St. John’s, NL
Employs at-risk youth to build hydroponic systems to overcome food insecurity.
Aitken Frame Homes — Kim Aitken
Bracebridge, ON
Hyper-efficient, smart-value housing system that is pre-engineered to expand.
CMNGD — Hannah Cree
Calgary, AB
Linen service employing people facing homelessness and poverty at a living wage.
Eve Medical — Jessica Ching
Toronto, ON
Improves sexual health screening; Canada’s first at-home HPV and STI screening service.
Saccade Analytics — Isabel Galiana
Montreal, QC
Analyzes eye movements in virtual reality to quickly and accurately assess neurological function.
SomaDetect — Bethany Deshpande
Fredericton, NB
Sensors that measure dairy quality to improve data, milk quality and cow health.
routine. — Pippa & Neige Blair
Calgary, AB
Natural deodorant brand made in Canada and distributed worldwide.
Think Dirty — Lily Tse
Toronto, ON
Mobile app that enables consumers to shop clean beauty and personal care products.
Australian Ventures
Envorinex — Jenny Brown
George Town, Tasmania
Reprocesses industrial waste into second life products; currently recycles 50% of Tasmania’s industrial waste.
GOGO events — Sarah Gun
Adelaide, South Australia
Events company that employs people facing homelessness and barriers to employment.
Grow Your Mind — Kristina Freeman
Sydney, New South Wales
Resource kits teaching young children, schools and families how to take care of their mental health.
Neighbourlytics — Lucinda Hartley
Melbourne, Victoria
Social analytics platform transforming the way we plan, design and manage neighbourhoods.
World’s Biggest Garage Sale — Yasmin Grigaliunas
Brisbane, Queensland
Platform that hosts massive community garage sales promoting recycling, reuse and the circular economy.
US Ventures
ABL Denim — Stephanie Alves
Los Angeles, CA
Adaptive clothing for people with limited mobility and sensory processing issues.
Callisto — Jess Ladd
San Francisco, CA
Technology to combat sexual assault and increase survivor agency.
Embrace Innovations / Little Lotus — Jane Chen
San Francisco, CA
Disruptive, NASA-inspired healthcare technologies focused on reducing infant and maternal deaths in emerging markets.
Kitables — Arieann DeFazio
Boulder, CO
DIY project kits which give people the confidence to become builders.
The Town Kitchen — Sabrina Mutukisna
Oakland, CA
Catering social enterprise which employs urban youth and provides them with entrepreneurial training.
10Power — Sandra Kwak
San Francisco, CA
Finances and provides renewable energy in developing communities that lack access to electricity.
Greensulate — Adrian Wilton
New York, NY
Designs, engineers, installs and maintains green roofs and living walls.
In This Together Media — Saira Rao & Carey Albertine
Denver, CO
Creates children’s books featuring diverse characters: race, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation and ability.
LOLIWARE — Chelsea Briganti
New York, NY
Edible, hypercompostable bioplastics on track to replace billions of single-use plastics.
BioCellection Inc. — Jeanny Yao & Miranda Wang
Menlo Park, CA
Converts contaminated, post-consumer waste into valuable sustainable chemicals.
Farm from a Box — Brandi Decarli
San Francisco, CA
A complete off-grid toolkit for tech-powered community farming.
Solstice — Steph Speirs & Sandhya Murali
Cambridge, MA
Connects citizens to free community-shared solar power.
SOUL Sisters Girls Entrepreneurship Program — Wakumi Douglas
Miami, FL
Mobilizes systems-involved girls and non-binary youth of colour to interrupt cycles of state violence, poverty, and oppression.
TygaBox Systems — Nadine Cino
New York, NY
Reusable moving system which reduces moving costs by 30% and waste-to-landfill by 100%.
New Zealand Ventures
DermNet — Amanda Oakley & Emily Oakley
Auckland, Auckland
Clinical resource website providing authoritative information about dermatology and skin conditions.
Pure Peony — Dot Kettle & Georgia Richards
Dovedale, Nelson
Creams, soaps and shampoo that naturally heal inflamed skin using scientifically proven peony root extract from our organic farm.
BrainFit — Gillian Eadie & Allison Lamont
Auckland, Auckland
Through a network of brain fitness coaches, helps people restore memory confidence and productivity into older age.
Pomegranate Kitchen — Rebecca Stewart & Ange Wither
Wellington, Wellington
Catering social enterprise employing former refugee women as cooks.
ShearWarmth — Lyn & Monique Neeson
King Country
Traditional, quality blankets made with 100% natural wool from their family farm in the King Country.
Beany — Sue de Bievre
Hastings, Hawke’s Bay
Online accounting services for small businesses in New Zealand.
Chia Sisters — Florence & Chloe Van Dyke
Tahunanui, Nelson
Award-winning, all-natural healthy beverages bottled by living wage earners in a solar-powered juicery.
Guardian Angel Security — Petra Hakansson
Albany, Auckland
Solutions that deliver safety and protection for lone and/or remote workers.
The Better Packaging Co — Rebecca Percasky & Kate Bezar
Auckland, Auckland
Biodegradable, compostable packaging solutions for couriers and eCommerce.
The Hello Cup — Mary Bond & Robyn McLean
Hastings, Hawke’s Bay
Fully recyclable, reusable and super comfortable menstrual cups designed and made in New Zealand.