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Announcing our Top 25 Ventures in Canada

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Agents of Discovery

We empower educators to turn the whole world into an engaging, active and safe learning environment.

Genecis EnviroTech Inc.

Genecis is an early-stage organic waste processing company that turns food waste into biodegradable plastics.

Side Door

Side Door sparks online connections between artists and hosts to create in-person connections at shows in homes and alternative venues.

Amego Electric Vehicles

A cutting-edge OEM Electric Bike manufacture and Canada’s largest retailer of electric bicycles, selling top brands from around the world.

Good Food For Good Inc.

Good Food for Good is simply Good Food for you and Food for someone in need. It is Canada's 1st Buy 1 Feed 1 venture.

SucSeed Inc.

A social enterprise founded by volunteer students employees at-risk youth to build hydroponic systems to overcome food insecurity.


ANANDA DEVICES makes drug discovery faster and more cost effective.


GrantMe aims to make education more accessible to Canadians by helping students access scholarships and awards to pay for post-secondary school.

Synergy Enterprises

Female-owned environmental firm specializing in carbon reduction projects for airports, developments and businesses.

AVA Technologies Inc.

AVA unlocks the green thumb in anyone. Our smart garden, AVA Byte, is the Nespresso for gardens meets Apple design. enables anyone to convert loyalty points into funds for tuition and/or loan repayments on behalf of a student.

The Chufa Co.

The Chufa Co. is the new non-dairy - we're using innovative food-tech to disrupt the category with our healthy and tasty tigernut-milk products.

BounceLab – Būband

The Būband is an athletic band that goes over any bra to prevent breast bounce. It fits women of all shapes and sizes, from AA to L cups.

Made with Local

We're inspiring the world to think about LOVE as an essential nutrient; nourishing community, farmers, and social enterprises through our foods.

Thigh Society

Breathe a thigh of relief with Thigh Society’s lightweight, soft and moisture-wicking underwear that prevent inner thigh chafing #bodypositive


BRIKA is a retail concept and cultural brand leading the market into a new era of meaningful gifting through curated, authentic artisan-made goods.

Mi&Stu Foods Inc.

Mi&Stu: a team of women committed to changing the taste of the food industry, deliciously fuelling lives despite food allergies and sensitivities

Think Dirty Inc.

A mobile commerce platform that connects ingredient-conscious beauty shoppers to natural beauty brands. Shop clean, with a little help from us!

Discourse Media Inc.

Discourse is an innovative digital news media company that provides high-quality investigative journalism about issues that matter to Canadians.


Nada is a package-free grocery store on a mission to cultivate a better world by inspiring people to change the way they shop for groceries.

This Space Works

A space sharing platform for inspiring companies making a difference. Join our network, access the best meeting spaces, discover new businesses.

dnaPower Inc.

At dnaPower, we empower you to make smarter health decisions to eat and live right for your body based on your unique genetic blueprint.

NUMI by Nudy Patooty

NUMI by Nudy Patooty is a line of super comfortable undershirts for women designed to prevent sweat and deodorant stains from damaging clothes.


Two dietitians with a mission to make it easy, simple and delicious to eat a variety of whole grains for a plant-based diet!

Dressed To Deliver

Dressed to Deliver creates an alternative to the traditional hospital gown, that positively impact moms and their newborns.


Oneiric develops innovative protective base layer apparel for hockey players that improves safety while making it simple to dress for the game.

Announcing our Top 25 Ventures in the United States

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10Power provides renewable energy internationally to global communities that lack access to electricity through project development and finance.


DonationMatch is an online network that brings together companies and causes to make win-win marketing partnerships as easy as


LOLIWARE is the world’s first Edible Bioplastic Company dedicated to replacing plastic with edible, hypercompostable materials.

Aquam Technologies

Aquam’s innovative wastewater treatment technology provides rapid treatment rates, energy recovery and enables water reuse anywhere in the world.

Dr. Brite

Dr. Brite creates the best tasting and healthiest natural oral care products and is made by doctors.

Meditation Studio

Meditation Studio is the award-winning app designed to bring life-changing, original guided meditations and courses to all.

Astral AR

We build drones that stop bullets.

Gender Fair: A Public Benefit Corporation

Gender Fair™ certifies companies that serve women well, and informs women how they can use their massive buying power to change the world.


OmieLife builds smartly designed products to help kids be healthy.


Our mission is to bring simplicity and dignity to women's health with low-cost, high-quality products for women, babies and girls worldwide.


genneve is a digital health platform for women in midlife.

Reef Life Restoration Nanoscience

High Value Impact Ocean & Coastal Construction Systems: Scalable Sustainability Redefines Resiliency

Beyond Broth

Organic nourishment on the go for all! Vegan wellness broth in 3 varieties: Immune, Vitality & Yummy Tummy. Feeding the world delicious nutrition


Greensulate brings green space back to cities through green infrastructure (green roofs, green walls, and urban agriculture.)


RightSciences is a women-led biotech company, engineering plant-based transdermal patches for wellness and relief. We aim to #patchtheworld!

Bold Betties

Bold Betties is a community of women living adventurously.


HAPPILY provides the best freelance event teams on demand.


Sudara is an online pajama & loungeware brand empowering women survivors of sex trafficking in India via job creation and training.

Brobe International

Brobe is an innovative product design helping women battling breast cancer recovering from surgery in comfort, support, and dignity.

Healthy Momma Inc

Healthy Momma focuses on making healthy food affordable, so that it's accessible to those who need it most!

The Riveter Inc.

Work and community spaces built for women and allies.

Coalition Snow

Coalition Snow is a woman's outdoor equipment and apparel company pioneering the future of adventure and lifestyle.

In This Together Media

In This Together Media creates kids books with more diversity in terms of race, gender, gender identification and sexual orientation.


Empowering vulnerable communities through ethically-made, custom goods.


Coworking + Childcare


Lioness is destigmatizing women’s sexual health—their first product is a vibrator that helps women learn about their own, unique sexual response.


Revolutionizing the fashion industry by making it effortless for women to find clothes that fit their style and their values.

Announcing our Top 10 Ventures in New Zealand

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