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What is a Venture?

Ventures who apply to SheEO are majority women-owned, women-led, revenue-generating (at least $50K up to ~$2M in revenue at the time of application)  with export potential and able to answer how they are creating a better world.

We are sector and structure-agnostic. Ventures currently come from a wide range of sectors including: wellness, AI, education, food sustainability, waste reduction, energy efficiency, inclusion, and biotech innovation. Currently, our Founders range in age from 22-70+ years old. We have funded charities (with strong revenue models) and for-profit companies to date.

Support from Hundreds of Radically Generous Women

We have rethought and redesigned an innovation ecosystem to support women-led Ventures on their own terms. We know that money is important as well as access to networks, customers, advice, and export markets. You can be part of a global network of radically generous women.

What I love about being a Venture

“SheEO gave me posture; being validated by 500 women allowed me to believe in myself in a way that has me standing 10 feet taller. You realize you have five partners and a team of 500.”

Toni Desrosiers Abeego

“Loren [my SheEO Development Guide] always provides expert advice and guidance that is effective, business-focused and measurable. With her help, we improved our sales process and strategy, setting us on the path to 5x projected revenue growth this year.”

Nadia Hamilton Magnusmode

“The SheEO loan was an absolute game changer – it allowed The Town Kitchen to transition from bootstrap to scaling. We’ve been able to improve our margins, sell to large institutional clients and promote a youth staff member to full-time, salaried Operations Associate!”

Sabrina Mutukisna The Town Kitchen
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Venture Support Network

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Development Guides

SheEO development guides provide strategic and personalized support to take Ventures to the next level. Our unique I, WE, IT framework is designed specifically to support your personal, team and business needs.

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Venture Retreat

Our SheEO Venture retreat is a chance to go deep with your cohort, meet your development guides and share your goals, challenges and vision in a supportive, safe environment. Ventures also divide up the 0% interest loans in a uniquely-SheEO way.

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Online Community

Imagine having access to thousands of Radically Generous women at your fingertips. Our online community is a place to ask/give and support one another on your own terms.

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