Let’s activate as many women-led Ventures as possible through COVID. Become an Activator or Venture today!


You’ll have thousands of radically generous women supporting you, on your own terms. Apply by Nov 2, 2020 in Canada, US + UK.


You’ll have thousands of radically generous women supporting you, on your own terms. Apply by Nov 2, 2020 in Canada, US + UK.

I am a single mom, I’m Indigenous, I have no business background and no assets. I started my company in my crockpot in my kitchen.  Do you think any big bank would have supported me? Not a chance. SheEO has had my back, they saw the value in me + my business. I’m now in 800 stores across the country. We’re exporting to two other countries and we’re selling online worldwide. 

No question, I would not be here without SheEO.”

–  Patrice Mousseau, SheEO Activator + Venture, Satya Organic

Our Venture Stories

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Sue de Bievre
SheEO Venture + Activator

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Kai Frazier
SheEO Venture

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Shazia Khan
SheEO Venture

The SheEO community shows up for you, supporting women + non-binary people, working on the World’s To-Do List.


Funding entrepreneurs with a 0% interest loan; you set the milestones, goals + the highest use of the funds. As you pay back the loan, the money is paid forward to new Ventures.


You’ll receive coaching with world-class SheEO Development Guides + access to a global community of women who support you as customers, advisors, connectors + become your biggest fans.


Together, we’re working on new mindsets, new models + new solutions to address the World’s To-Do List to create a world that works for everyone.

The Venture Experience

“When I applied to SheEO, I barely qualified. This year we reached $3 million in revenue! I would not be here if it wasn’t for SheEO. I am now surrounded by women who see me and trust my vision. Rather than getting ‘advice’, I am supported through relationships over time. SheEO changed my life.”

– BE Alink, The Alinker

“I’ve always had this feeling that business could be run differently. SheEO has given me the confidence and support to run a business in a way we could only dream of – one that supports our team, the environment, our suppliers and our customers in a sustainable way.”

–  Rebecca Percasky & Kate Bezar, The Better Packaging Co.

“To all of the women of colour entrepreneurs out there – SheEO is a safe space for you. It is a rich space full of people who are deeply compassionate, empathic, caring and willing to share those resources to those of us who aren’t used to having folks receive us in that way.”

“Participating in the Venture Retreat helped us shift our company vision by twelve months. Being part of the SheEO network has made us feel like we have an exponential team of enthusiastic professionals ready to help increase our impact.”

–  Mikaela Jade, Indigital

Apply to be apart of the first cohort of UK Ventures. Applications open 15 September, 2020

All applicants that meet the criteria receive
feedback + support from Activators.

+ criteria

  • assets-13 10 simple questions; no jargon + no pitch decks
  • assets-13 $50K - $2M or £40K - £2M in recurring revenue from customers in your country’s currency
  • assets-13 Majority owned (51%+) + led by women-identified or non-binary people
  • assets-13 Able to share how your Venture is working on the World’s To-Do List


  • assets-13 Provide a 1-minute video + verify financials
  • assets-13 Ask+Give platform, Action Circles + calls with Activators
  • assets-13 Invitation to the SheEO Summit
  • assets-13 Access to SheEO's community of radically generous women


  • assets-13 You receive all the benefits of a Semi-Finalists plus...
  • assets-13 Personalized Venture Retreat
  • assets-13 1 year of coaching from SHEEO Development Guide & Peer Circles
  • assets-13 Featured at the SheEO Summit
  • assets-13 0% loan, paid back over 5 years

 “I have experienced the collective power of the SheEO community, we have everything we need here, all you need to do is ask. 

If you’re a women-identifying + non-binary founder of a social impact Venture, apply now. It’s been a phenomenal experience for me.”

– Brandi DeCarli, Farm From A Box

Brandi DeCarli, Founder, Farm From a Box


SheEO Activators select to fund various types of Ventures who create significant positive impact across all sectors; wellness, AI, education, food sustainability, waste reduction, energy efficiency, inclusion, and biotech innovation. We call it working on the World’s To-Do List. They are women-owned and women-led and create new models, new mindsets, and new solutions that benefit humanity. Currently, our Founders range in age from 22-70+ years old. We are agnostic about age or sector or structure. If you are a for-profit, not-for-profit or charity that generates revenue and can pay back a loan over 5 years, then you can apply.

In order to apply to be a SheEO Venture, you must meet all eligibility requirements including the minimum recurring revenue.  Many Ventures begin as Activators, and leverage the network to get the support they need through our community of radically generous women with all different sorts of expertise and connections.

The 0%-interest loan has a five-year term for each Venture. Ventures pay back their loans in 20 equal installments over a five year period. We track Venture milestones and success annually and report those results out to the community.  As the funds are paid back, the money gets reinvested into the fund and loaned out again to new Ventures.

In Round 1 of the application process, you will be asked 10 straight forward questions. 

1. Describe Your Venture. (200 word limit)
2. What is your Venture’s vision? (150 word limit)
3. Why you? Why now? Why are you the person to solve the problem your Venture is addressing? Why is now the right time? (200 word limit)
4. Name up to two (2) UN sustainable Goal(s) you are working on. How are you working on the goal? How are you measuring impact? (250 word limit)
5. What is your current business model? How do you currently make money?
6. Outside of customer revenue, how much money have you raised/received from other sources?
7. How do you plan on reaching your vision? (100 word limit)
8. How would this loan help you get closer to your vision? (150 word limit)
9. Please select your top 3 business challenges. Tell us more about these challenges. (200 word limit)
10. Tell us about your team. How do you define roles and responsibilities? Current number of full time employees? Current number of part-time employees/contractors on your team? (200 word limit)


At SheEO, we trust the intuition of Activators to determine/select which Ventures are funded. These Activators are asked to keep the following in mind: 

  • Would you buy or refer to this product or service?
  • Does the entrepreneur have what it takes to lead this company?
  • Do you think this business is creating a better world (is it a new mindset, new model or new solution in how they run their business or in their product and service)?
  • Is the business exporting to other countries or have export potential?

“To all the creators, innovators + game changers; as an entrepreneur – I recommend becoming an Activator first. You’ll immediately join the SheEO community, start building relationships + get the support you need to grow your Venture.

–  Hannah Cree, Activator + Venture

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