We launched our Canadian pilot in 2015 with 5 women-led Ventures. We now have 10 Ventures in the network. Meet them below!


Top 5 Ventures of 2016

Heartbeat Ai

Heartbeat Ai reveals human emotions so you can truly understand people: customers, shoppers, and employees. Our award-winning platform uncovers a wide range of emotions in unstructured text, including survey open-ends, product reviews, customer feedback, employee surveys and social media. We harness the power of AI to provide unprecedented, deep analysis of the emotional drivers of behavior. Our platform quickly transforms text input from any source into ten primary and a hundred secondary emotion categories. These emotion categories offer efficient and revealing insight into the “deep why” behind behavior, and are accessible through a user-friendly dashboard within minutes.

Satya Organic Eczema Relief

Satya Organic Eczema Relief is a USDA Certified organic eczema balm with five natural ingredients. Health Canada NPN approved, Satya is sold throughout Canada, offering a natural safe alternative to cortical steroids.  As an Ojibway (First Nations) single mother and entrepreneur, Satya Founder Patrice Mousseau simply wanted the best for her child, creating her anti-inflammatory balm in her certified organic kitchen. Currently working on expanding her product line to include other skin-related remedies, her vision is to open an organic production facility on First Nations land to provide meaningful work to the community.


Created in April 2014, SheNative Goods Inc. is a handbags and accessories company dedicated to making a positive impact on Indigenous women and girls.  Offering a collection of leather handbags, apparel, earrings and promotional products such as mugs and canvas tote bags, SheNative is on a mission is to help change the perception of Indigenous women. They aim to celebrate and support Indigenous women in a way that is life changing and ever lasting, by creating opportunities and providing guidance for Indigenous artisans, suppliers and designers, as well as contributing a portion of sales to causes that support their economic growth.


SleepBelt is changing outcomes for newborns and their parents. A hands free skin-to-skin support system and nap wrap, the SleepBelt support allows baby to sleep sound, snug and secure on mom or dad’s chest while giving parents their hands back; it literally belts your sleeping newborn baby to you, enabling and encouraging rest and recovery while easing your baby from womb to world. SleepBelt facilitates immediate and prolonged skin-to-skin in the OR, labour & delivery, the NICU, and at home while preventing infant falls, injury and suffocation.  It offers a simple, yet effective tool designed to improve outcomes related to breastfeeding, bonding and postpartum depression – impacting a hospital’s bottom line, and society as a whole.  Made in Canada, SleepBelt is currently in the evaluation stage at 100+ hospitals in the USA and has distribution in Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.

The Alinker Inventions Ltd

The Alinker Inventions Ltd is a company committed to building an inclusive community. Devoted to designing, building and marketing durable walking-bikes for people with mobility challenges who want to maintain an active life, they challenge assumptions about people with disabilities. Their feature product is the Alinker, a non-motorized walking-bike without pedals. Instead of focusing on lack of mobility as a problem, the Alinker is designed with lifestyle in mind, creating a socially inclusive solution that not only solves a unique challenge for people with mobility challenges, but also looks cool!

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