The Venture Invitation

Are you a woman, cis* or trans woman, non-binary, gender non-conforming Entrepreneur with an organization with an important Social Impact and revenue model?

If so, we invite you to join the SheEO community of radically generous women funding and supporting ventures in a whole new way.

*cis: is a term for people whose gender identity matches the sex that they were assigned at birth.

Our Invitation to You

You don’t need to be told that women-identifying entrepreneurs have been dramatically under-financed, under-supported and under-celebrated for decades. And it’s shamefully much worse for Black, Indigenous and women of colour. But what if it could be different? Imagine having hundreds of smart, generous and connected women on your team who are ready and able to give you the help you need, when you need it. Imagine advisors supporting you running your business on your own terms rather than by some outdated playbook?

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“To all of the women of colour entrepreneurs out there - SheEO is a safe space for you. It is a rich space full of people who are deeply compassionate, empathic, caring and willing to share those resources to those of us who aren’t used to having folks receive us in that way.”

– Wakumi Douglas, S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collective, US Tweet

What if you could get an interest-free loan, a year of world-class coaching, mentorship and business advice, and access to a global customer base who want to buy and promote your products and services?

And it’s super easy to apply. Just 10 questions. No pitch decks. No attachments. No jargon.

Simply by applying, you’ll be putting your business in front of hundreds of women and get personalized feedback on your application. This could be your year to join the largest group of cis or trans women, non-binary, gender non-conforming entrepreneurs who are working on the World’s To-Do List (aka the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals).

A bit about SheEO

Who We Are 

SheEO is a global community of radically generous women supporting women-led Ventures working on the World’s To Do List (the UN Sustainability Goals). 

We are committed to building a highly diverse global community of women-identifying entrepreneurs of all ages, races and cultures. Our long-term strategy is to build new pathways for allocating capital, one that results in the best possible outcomes for all, transcending the current winner takes-all mindset. 

We currently operate in 5 regions: Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Venture application deadlines for each region can be found here.

“Our ecosystem-based model dramatically improves outcomes for women entrepreneurs. With the SheEO model women show up as customers, advisors, network connections and funders of revenue-generating women-led businesses that are working on the World’s To-Do List.”
Vicki Saunders
Founder of SheEO
“The biggest impact of being part of SheEO is that I no longer feel alone. I feel connected to women around the world and by collaborating with women globally, I am part of a movement that is bringing worldwide change.”
Sarah Gun
GoGo Events, SheEO Venture

How The Model Works

Our model brings together hundreds of radically generous women called Activators who contribute $1100 each (or twelve monthly payments of $92) for Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA; or £850 (or twelve monthly payments of £71) for the UK. That money is pooled and then loaned out in the form of 0%-interest 5 year loans to women-led Ventures whom the Activators help select. As the money is paid back into the fund, it’s loaned out again to support more women-led Ventures each year.

How is SheEO Unique?

“SheEO has been extraordinary for us personally and the positive impact we have been able to make. We have seen our business triple in size. The mentoring, guidance, opportunities and network provided by SheEO have proven invaluable!”
Rebecca Percasky + Kate Bezar
The Better Packaging Co., SheEO Venture, NZ
“SheEO changed everything. You taught me that I don’t have to try to fit my vision into the mold of the current system. I could imagine and build a better way of doing and funding journalism. I didn’t need to fight for my seat at the table. Instead, I could flip and reset the table.”
Erin Millar
The Discourse, SheEO Venture, Canada

An Application Process Designed With You in Mind


Our criteria is simple. You do not need to be an Activator to apply to be a Venture, and we are agnostic about age or sector or structure.

*Cis refers to someone whose gender corresponds to their assigned sex.

Application Timeline

Our application process is straightforward.

The SheEO Venture Application is designed to be efficient — it gets to the heart of what is needed for Activators to make a decision. 


10 Key Questions 

The focus of the application is 10 key questions that are considered when evaluating your company. Also be clear about your revenue model in answering the questions.

1. Describe Your Venture. (200 word limit)

2. What is your Venture’s vision? (150 word limit)

3. Why you? Why now? Why are you the person to solve the problem your Venture is addressing? Why is now the right time? (200 word limit)

4. Name up to two (2) UN sustainable Goal(s) you are working on. How are you working on the goal? How are you measuring impact? (250 word limit)

5. What is your current business model? How do you currently make money?

6. Outside of customer revenue, how much money have you raised/received from other sources?

7. How do you plan on reaching your vision? (100 word limit)

8. How would this loan help you get closer to your vision? (150 word limit)

9. Please select your top 3 business challenges. Tell us more about these challenges. (200 word limit)

10. Tell us about your team. How do you define roles and responsibilities? Current number of full time employees? Current number of part-time employees/contractors on your team? (200 word limit)

Your Venture is Shared with Hundreds of Activators + You Receive Feedback As an applicant, your company is introduced to Activators from around your region. All applicants receive feedback and are able to submit an Ask to the SheEO Community. 

An Ask can be anything the Venture needs in that moment to support their business (e.g. I need advice on my marketing strategy because I will be launching a brand new product line). 

Many founders find the feedback at this stage very useful, and get connections that accelerate their organization.


Semi-finalists advance to the second round of applications where all of your Venture’s Financials are
validated. Key components of this round:
• Submit Financials
• Submit video introducing your company

If you are selected, you will attend a
retreat and summit.

Ventures arrive not knowing each other but soon start exchanging their stories, sharing their biggest worries, and opening their businesses to each other for support and help. Facilitated by world-class Development Guides and in the spirit of radical generosity, Ventures share resources, give advice, and listen deeply. On the last day, they divide up the pool of money, deciding together who gets what amount. There’s only two rules: it can’t be divided evenly and it can’t all go to one person.

We know that being an entrepreneur is a hard and lonely road. By creating a safe space to share and with the support of coaches and each other, Ventures leave the retreat with a foundation that sets them up for long-term success – both personally and in their business.

Watch the Twenty One Toys Retreat Experience


You also attend Summit that brings together Ventures and Activators from the region to connect.

Here’s what happens at Summit:

  • Ventures are announced
  • Learn from SheEO Ventures and Activators redefining business
  • Join in dynamic and interactive content
  • Celebrate the Radical Generosity of the Community
  • Make business connections that will support you now and into the future.
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“What I learned from SheEO is that, while it’s hard in the beginning to ask for what you need, breaking out of the old system is very satisfying once you get the hang of it."
Sue de Bievre
Beany, SheEO Venture, New Zealand

Who selects the Ventures?

Rather than rely on a handful of “experts,” we rely on the intuition of Activators in your region to know what they want and what the world needs.

Activators in your region select Ventures with the following in mind.

  • Would you buy or refer to this product or service?
  • Does the entrepreneur have what it takes to lead this company?
  • Do you think this business is creating a better world (is it a new mindset, new model or new solution in how they run their business or in their product and service)? 
  • Is the business exporting to other countries or have export potential?

Meet Our Ventures + Discover How They
Are Working on the World's To-Do List

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