Rules & Money Part 1

July 17, 2020

“How do we mobilize funding for the efforts that are not working within the current system who are potentially being prophetic or bold enough to blow up the system. That they’re not working in the interest in the system and therefore, they need a different kind of funding.” – Joy Anderson, President and Founder of Criterion Institute

Overview of podcast

Creating innovative, transformative change requires that we experiment, take risks, build deep relationships in our communities, and equip bold leaders to push forward new agendas. And those activities require sustained, unrestricted funding that places trust, and power, in the hands of the change makers. 

On this week’s episode, SheEO’s Vicki Saunders and Criterion Institute’s Joy Anderson discuss the power dynamics at play within philanthropy, reflect on privilege, and question how to build systems that enable more people to speak truth to power.

In this episode

This episode also covers:

  • Rules attached to funding that keep the world that keep the way it is.
  • Old constructs of for-profit vs not-for-profit.
  • The significance of unrestricted capital that could result in different outcomes.
  • How strategic philanthropy was encrusted in a privileged power dynamic that creates a concentration of power.
  • The relevance and need for gender lens investing; the practice of financial return while also considering the benefits to women.

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