SheEO in High Schools: RadGen

What is RadGen?

Coming to Ontario public high schools, RadGen invites girls in grades 10-12 to join in the exciting SheEO experience with hundreds of radically generous women who support and fund Canada’s leading women innovators. Students will get a backstage pass to being an entrepreneur by voting alongside SheEO Activators, connecting with leading female innovators, gaining access to a global network of mentors, advisors and supporters and developing the skills and strategies to act on their ideas.

What do the teens do?

The program will include an inspiring event in Toronto, in addition to the school groups participating in the Activator cycle. RadGen groups will evaluate Venture applications and vote on finalists. Along the way, they’ll work together on program activities – learning modules, webinars, and more – leading them to create new career and work possibilities.

This unique experience will be open to 1000 girls from 100 public high schools in Ontario. Reserve your spot now!

Why SheEO?


“SheEO means a lot to me because they are giving power to females with the ideas they want to bring to life.”

~Jordyn P.

Get involved

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New Career Possibilities

Hear from women who are innovators, business leaders and industry disruptors at our Fall kick-off event. From creators of Artificial Intelligence technology to empathy-building toys, learn how these women are changing the rules, challenging old models, and creating new career and working possibilities while making the world a better place.

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Real-World Learning

Get a backstage pass to women at work today, from entrepreneurs, to corporate leaders, and everything in-between. RadGen will also be part of the SheEO network of Activators. They will evaluate applications from women business owners, vote for the year’s SheEO Venture Finalists, and follow their progress throughout the year.

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Making History

Girls already know they can change the world. RadGen will help them do it. Girls will learn to view entrepreneurship in new ways, create networks, develop strategies to get over barriers they’ll face in their careers, and discover how to dream their futures then make it happen.

Benefits of RadGen


the world of entrepreneurship


with radically generous women


the skills to bring your ideas to life


your strengths and thrive on your own terms