Women Working on the World’s To-Do List

SheEO.World Podcast & Video Series

Various podcasts and video series about redesigning, reimaging & rethinking our world.

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SheEO.World: Redesigning the world

In this series, SheEO founder Vicki Saunders sits down with incredible women & SheEO Ventures from all over the world who are redesigning, reimagining and rethinking the systems we live in to solve the biggest challenges of our times.

SheEO.World: Money & Power

Welcome to a special SheEO.World podcast series, Money & Power with Joy Anderson & Vicki Saunders. Systems and patterns of power, are sometimes hard to see. All of our market systems are constructed by us. They are not natural. The good news is, the systems we live in were designed by us, so we can change them. Join Vicki Saunders, founder of SheEO and Joy Anderson founder of the Criterion Institute in this special podcast series as they identify the systems that make up this world and the money & power dynamics within them so that we can better understand how to transform our world.

SheEO Live & Unplugged

A new LIVE Series on Facebook & IGTV on Instagram called SheEO Unplugged where Ventures talk to each other about what is happening in their business during these times, what change they want to see in the world and their ASK to our community.


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