Market Systems & our Daily Lives

June 25, 2020

“We’re actually the ones that are disrupting expertise, not reinforcing expertise.”

Overview of podcast

Our market systems impact almost everything in our modern lives, from trade in essential goods and services, to the day-to-day functioning of entrepreneurs. But these systems are not working – and indeed were not designed – for everyone.

In this episode, SheEO Founder Vicki Saunders and Criterion Institute’s Joy Anderson speak about the many kinds of systems at play in our economy, the importance of trust in upholding the status quo, and how we can identify inequities in our systems and understand our power to influence them. One prerequisite of implementing systems change? Hope.

In this episode

  • How to build a process of decision making that everyone can trust by changing the systems of knowledge.
  • The importance of creating enterprises that address social issues through the investment process.
  • The value in changing the systems of power by using our individual power.
  • Shifting the conversation from back-end metrics to front-end analytics.



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