Learning Lab: Facilitated by Velocity

What is the Learning Lab?

SheEO Learning Lab is a series of live webinars and online resources for any woman who wants the skills and knowledge to grow as an intra/entrepreneur.

Nearly 500 participants from over 32 countries tune in to SheEO learning lab. View the map below!

Velocity Partnership

Led by SheEO Activator Marysia Czarski, Velocity Partnership is passionate about helping your business grow and succeed. They work with growth-oriented entrepreneurs who know that with greater clarity, focus, new ideas, and a plan for results, you will thrive. We are thrilled to have them as our Learning Lab facilitation partner. 

Past Webinars

Past Webinars

8 Staff. 4 Countries. How SheEO is Using Technology to Scale

This Leaning Lab directly connects you with the SheEO Team! Caitlin Pacini, SheEO’s Operations Manager, and Jessy Wang, our Director of Activator Growth, will be sharing how they use technology in a highly innovative way to scale our operations. Join this Learning Lab to see how we are using the best-in-class, cloud-based technologies that are integrated and affordable. If you aren’t sure what any of that means, be sure to tune in and found out!

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Taking Back Your Power. Self-care as the Basis for Growth in Business and Life with Kim Knight

In this Learning Lab, Kim Knight will explore and provide insights on being more, not doing more, in work and life.  Specifically, she’ll address; speaking authentically to have your voice be heard, how letting go of perfection will lead to your next level of great work, tapping into your intuition when it matters most, ways to interact with people when they aren’t treating you with respect and how to kick ‘imposter syndrome’ to the curb.

Guest mentor: Kim Knight, Speaker, Author, Art of Health

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Building Your Dream Network (Be the Best PR for your Career) with J. Kelly Hoey

Learn how your expertise can become a source of news, trend forecasting and business development as well how to market #RadicalGenerosity. In this session, SheEO Activator J. Kelly Hoey (author of “Build Your Dream Network”), shares her networking tips on how to position yourself as a thought leader, build relationships with journalists and raise your profile in the media.

Guest Mentor: J. Kelly Hoey, Author, Speaker, and Investor

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Creating the Conditions for your Team To Thrive with Carolyn Meacher

How do we create a healthy climate in our companies? What motivates teams to do their best work? Why is it important to lead with compassion and creativity? With insights that can apply to both early-stage entrepreneurs and executive-level professionals, join Refinery29’s Chief People Officer Carolyn Meacher as she shares her wisdom on building teams that thrive.

Guest Mentor: Carolyn Meacher, Chief People Officer, Refinery29

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Speaking with Confidence: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Audience, with Stacey Berry

Learn the power of your own voice. Know your crowd and make an impact on your audience. Strengthen your narrative and create your own opportunities. Stacey Berry was named one of the Top 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada and featured in Women of Influence. Through her company, she provides her clients with a myriad of services including soft skills and community development workshops, consulting services, public relations and event management. Her first book is slated to release this summer! In this webinar, Stacey will be sharing her story and helping us voice our own.

Guest Mentor: Stacey Berry, Founder & CEO of Bstellar Consulting Group

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Owning your Power: Building Leadership Confidence, with Julie Barker-Merz

Learn to make power decisions. Flex your confidence muscle. Be passionate and limitless. With a career spanning 20+ years with BMO, Julie Barker-Merz is teaching us how to become powerful leaders. From growing your network to seeing feedback as an opportunity, Julie will walk us through the foundations of successful leadership in business.

Guest Mentor: Julie Barker-Merz, Senior Vice-President, South Western Ontario Division, BMO

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