Ventures FAQ

What is the eligibility criteria for Ventures?

Our criteria is simple.

  • Are you going to exceed $50K in revenue by the time you apply?
  • Are you majority women-owned (51%+)?
  • Are you majority women-led?
  • Are you able to answer the question of how your Venture is creating a new model, new mindset, or new solution to better humanity?
  • Do you operate in the US, Canada, New Zealand or Australia?
Why must Ventures have at least $50K in revenue?

Over 90% of our economies are made up of small and medium-sized businesses that are starved of capital because they aren’t considered unicorn (grow to $1B in value) potential in the traditional venture capital system. We want to start with those businesses that already have early traction and lots of potential. Early success in any new model is critical. We wanted to show that there are thousands of women-led businesses out there that can generate revenue, hire locally, pay back their loans and strengthen our economy.

What about early stage Ventures with limited resources?

From our perspective, this is a decades-long initiative to change systems and culture. The question was where to start: what model has the biggest chance of success in the shortest period of time so we can then iterate, expand and grow its impact? When we get to 1M women supporting 10,000 entrepreneurs with a $1B perpetual fund, we believe that we can then expand this model to create a number of different approaches with less capital, more capital, larger and smaller contributions that engage women to invest in the kinds of companies that will change the world.

If you’re an early stage company seeking additional resources, you can check out our Resources section here.

What kinds of Ventures do you support?

SheEO Ventures are revenue-generating with export potential and are creating a better world through their business model or their product and service. They are women-owned and women-led and are creating new models, new mindsets, and new solutions that benefit humanity. Currently, our Ventures are from all sectors from retail to artificial intelligence to renewable energy, and our Founders range in age from 22-70+ years old.

Tell me about the application form.

We know from consultation and studies that female entrepreneurs often don’t apply for funding and investment because the process is cumbersome, filled with jargon and women are proven to receive far less funding than their male counterparts. We have radically redesigned the application process to simplify it and make it accessible to everyone. No jargon. No attachments. No pitch decks. We have a dozen questions in an online form that can be filled out in under 30 mins.

What are the terms of the loan provided to the Ventures?

The 0%-interest loan has a five-year term for each Venture. Ventures pay back their loans in 20 equal installments over a five year period. We track venture milestones and success quarterly and report those results out to the community.  As the funds are paid back, the money gets reinvested into the fund and loaned out again to new Ventures.

What if my Venture is not selected? Does SheEO provide any support?

Simply applying to SheEO’s Radical Generosity Initiative is an act of marketing your business to hundreds of women. Activators are encouraged to provide comments and feedback to everyone who applies to SheEO’s #radicalgenerosity program, so you will likely receive at least some feedback on your application. We also have a detailed Venture resources section on our blog with a crowd-sourced list of resources for entrepreneurs of all stages that you should definitely check out!

What happens if I’m selected as one of the Top 25 SheEO Ventures?

We will announce the Top 25 SheEO Ventures on our website, social media and mailing list. You will be asked to submit a 1-minute video and financial summary in the next round of the application process. For those Top 25 Ventures not voted into the Top 5, you will still be invited to attend the SheEO Summit and Cocktail in your region, and will be invited into our online community where you can access SheEO’s community of radically generous Activators.

What happens if I’m selected as one of the Top 5 SheEO Ventures?

First of all – congratulations! When you are selected as a  Top 5 Venture in your region, we’ll provide you with detailed next steps. But, here are the highlights:

  • Attend the SheEO Venture Retreat to meet your fellow Ventures and your SheEO Development Guides, divide up the loan, and start your journey as a SheEO Venture.
  • Attend and be celebrated at the SheEO Summit & Cocktail.
  • Participate in personalized guided development calls with the SheEO Development Guides twice a month.
  • Join the SheEO online community to connect with all Activators in the network.
  • Share impact stories and business growth in your quarterly Venture Health Checks.
  • Be available for media interviews, speaking opportunities and special events as part of your leadership role.
Who decides how the collective fund is distributed?

Each SheEO cohort (5 selected Ventures) will use peer-based decision making to decide how the money will be distributed amongst themselves, with only two rules: 1) you can’t give it all to one company, and 2) you can’t divide the funds evenly. Our SheEO Development Guides will be in the room to facilitate the process and will ensure the experience goes well for all participating Ventures.

How will the success of the selected Ventures be measured?

SheEO uses surveys to track impact, mindset shifts, connections made, contribution to business success, revenue increases, markets accessed, jobs created, radical generosity indices, events delivered, people reached, and stories of positive impact.

How will you ensure that the SheEO Venture cohorts are held accountable?

We have developed a personalized Guided Development Program in which Ventures participate. Ventures also have 2 coaching calls each month and regular check-in with Activators and the SheEO team. All entrepreneurs will propose a ‘use of funds’ as part of the fund distribution process during our SheEO Venture Program roll-out. Each Venture will determine milestones and reporting structure as part of this process and will participate in completing a quarterly Venture Health Check. The highlights of this check-in will then be shared with the Activator community.  We believe in creating the conditions for the Ventures to thrive in our community. Most of our Venture recipients become Activators themselves, paying forward the radical generosity they received. With 500 women watching their execution and contributing to their success, this entire program is designed to create the conditions for Ventures to be accountable.

Are your Ventures available for media requests or speaking opportunities?

Yes! We love sharing our Ventures’ stories. Please email us at with your request.