RadGen FAQ

What is an Activator?

Activators are women (or a team of women) who contribute capital to support female entrepreneurs and join our global community of radically generous women. Activators can activate their networks, their buying power and their expertise to support female entrepreneurs who are benefitting humanity. As Activators support Ventures in this rich ecosystem, they also support one another. This creates a cycle of Radical Generosity that will lead to a radically new, and better, economic model.

What is SheEO?

Women start businesses at roughly the same rate as men but too often along the way, something goes awry. Sometimes it has to do with funding. Companies founded by women are four-times less likely to receive venture funding than men. Sometimes it has to do with family commitments – the current model makes it hard for women to care for their business and their children or elders. And sometimes it’s about not having a mentor or role model.

SheEO’s was founded to address these gender and social imbalances. We support, fund and promote female entrepreneurs in a unique way. At SheEO, it’s not just about leveling the playing field, it’s about creating an entirely different playing field where women entrepreneurs of all stripes can flourish.

How does RadGen support young women?

As early as the age of six, girls start to think of themselves as less smart than boys. Research shows they avoid STEM fields because of the stereotype that these fields are for boys. Unfortunately, these early beliefs follow them into the workforce.

At SheEO, we know it doesn’t have to be this way. By introducing young women to women entrepreneurs, by celebrating women’s innovation on their terms, and by helping young women develop confidence in who they are, rather than in who they think they’re supposed to be, we think we can open up opportunities to young women, help them see entrepreneurship as a viable career option, and, in so doing, help them change the world.

What is RadGen?

RadGen helps female high-school students across Ontario gain confidence in themselves and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

We do that through conferences, webinars, one-on-one mentoring sessions and in-person meetings with peers throughout the school year. The end goal is to see girls believe in themselves, dream big, and develop the skills, connections and knowledge to succeed as an entrepreneur or a woman in business.

How do I start RadGen at my school?

It’s easy! Just gather a group of at least five girls, get a teacher advisor, and let us know when you’re ready to get going. We’ll help you from there. And don’t forget to check with your school to see if they have any requirements for starting an extracurricular group.

Who can participate in RadGen?

Anyone who is a female/non-binary student in Grades 10,11 and 12 is welcome to get involved. RadGen is not exclusive to students in business classes or streams.

Why is participation in RadGen open only to female and non-binary teens?

SheEO is about creating a safe space for girls and non-binary individuals to thrive, on their terms. We’ve looked at the research, given it a lot of thought, and while we may revisit this down the road, at this point in time, we believe that limiting participation in RadGen to female and non-binary teens is the best way to do that effectively.

In a practical sense, what does participation in RadGen look like for students?

It starts in the fall. That’s when we’ll give you access to tons of resources and invite you to join us on a welcome call where you can learn more about the program and ask questions.  

Next comes a one day kick-off event where students, educators and mentors get together. Students get to talk to women entrepreneurs, hear their stories, and get an up-close look at what it takes to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. These entrepreneurs represent all women including women. They are women of colour, Francophone, Indigenous and more.

Throughout the school year, there are ongoing bi-monthly meetings that provide opportunities to learn, discover, and grow. There will be learning modules, webinars and lots of opportunities to work with mentors.

RadGen largely follows SheEO’s existing programming. Students evaluate Venture applications, vote for Ventures, and support Venture finalists.  

If our school can’t attend the event in Toronto, can we still be part of RadGen?


If I sign up now, do I need to sign up again in the fall?

No need. Sign up now and we’ll take care of getting back in touch with you in the fall to confirm things and make sure you have the most up-to-date information you need.

Who are SheEO mentors?

SheEO mentors are volunteers from a network of successful female business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs across Ontario. Mentors represent a variety of intersectional identities, including women of colour, and Francophone and Indigenous women.

How will mentors be partnered with students?

Mentors meet and are partnered with students at the fall kick-off event.

What is the role of a mentor?

Mentors guide students in learning about entrepreneurship. They help students reinforce what they’re learning by providing real-world examples, provide insights based on their own experience, and support students as they explore entrepreneurship.

What will the mentor-student relationship look like?

After the fall kick-off event, subsequent communication between students and mentors is virtual. Mentors and students schedule at least two other virtual meetings throughout the year, using a video conference platform to connect.

How are school staff involved in RadGen?

Staff participation is voluntary and minimal. Staff act as advisors to students and also provide supervision at the fall kick-off event and during regular meetings.

What is the time commitment of staff?

Staff commitment includes time to attend the fall kick-off event as well as time to participate in extracurricular meetings one or two times a month during the school year. These meetings are approximately 45 to 60 minutes long, and take place at lunch or after school. The meetings, however, are student led, and therefore require no individual prep time for teachers.

Does the teacher/staff advisor need to be female?

Good question. SheEO is committed to creating a safe space for women and non-binary individuals to thrive on their own terms. One piece of that approach is reserving participation in RadGen for female and non-binary people only.

Are RadGen activities and resources available in French and English?

All RadGen program resources are available in both French and English. Francophone students will have the option of being partnered with Francophone mentors. The fall kick-off event will be bilingual through a combination of English and French speakers and simultaneous translation.  

What is a Venture?

A Venture is a majority women-owned, women-led, revenue-generating business. They are revenue generating and have export potential. SheEO Ventures are focused on creating a better world.