Activators FAQ

What is an Activator?

“Activators” are women  (or a team of women ) who contribute $1,100 in CAN, US, NZ and AU, and £850 in the UK, annually and join our global community of radically generous women. As an Activator you can activate (use) your capital, your networks, your buying power and your expertise to support female entrepreneurs who are benefitting humanity. As Activators support Ventures in this rich ecosystem, they also support one another – creating a virtuous cycle of Radical Generosity that will lead to a radically new economy.

What am I committing to as an Activator?

We welcome all levels of participation and consider this to be a community that you join on your own terms. We understand that life can get busy and so we invite you to engage in a way that works for you. If you want to contribute your capital and come to one event, great. If you want to be highly engaged, host a salon or breakfast, and help grow the movement, that works too! Your participation in #radicalgenerosity is on your own terms. No guilt!

What are some ways I can engage with the SheEO model as an Activator?

Activator engagement opportunities: 

  • Selection of Ventures in two rounds of voting
  • Access to Community, SheEO’s online portal to share expertise, ask for help and engage with Ventures and Activators – this is your space to self-organize in the community.
  • Many Activators self-organize within the network to create business opportunities, share resources, or create sub-groups in specific interest-areas.
  • Attend the  Summit and Cocktail in your region where we announce the selected Ventures each year.
  • Support Ventures through their Asks in Community  
  • You will have access to annual updates to see how the Ventures are doing.
How do I pay by cheque?

Please email the SheEO team at <> if you’d like to pay by cheque and we will provide next steps.

How do you activate as a group?

If $1100 in CAN, US, NZ and AU, and £850 in the UK, represents a barrier for you, you are welcome to Activate with another person or with a group. For each group, we invite you to choose one representative who will receive SheEO email communications, be added to the online community, receive the link to vote for the Ventures, and receive the invitation to attend our SheEO Summit & Cocktail. How you choose to divide up the $1100 in CAN, US, NZ and AU, and £850 in the UK, payment and roles is completely up to you. We’ve seen groups in the past who have gathered to review the Venture applications and vote collectively (a group Activation = one vote), two Activators who have shared an account on our online community (you have to list your profile under one name), etc.  When you have the $1100 in CAN, US, NZ and AU, and £850 in the UK in place, that representative can sign up to activate here!

Can you be sponsored into the network?

Yes! Thanks to the radical generosity of our Activators, we have several gifted Activator spots available. These positions are designed to enable women from underrepresented backgrounds to participate in SheEO. In this model, an Activator covers 80% of the Activator payment, and the woman who receives the gifted Activator spot, contributes the remaining 20%. With this 20% contribution, the woman can participate in the full Activator experience: online community, voting for the Ventures, Activator events, SheEO Summit & Cocktail.


If you or someone you know is interested in being considered for one of these gifted opportunities for 2019, please complete this interest form!

Does SheEO do corporate matching?

We have decided not to implement corporate matching of Activator contributions in 2019 as the process is cumbersome and highly manual. We are focused on scalability and given the small number of matches we have had in previous years, along with our belief in abundance, we have decided to focus on one contribution per person using our payment system. Thank you for understanding.

Do I need to commit $1100 in CAN, US, NZ and AU, and £850 in the UK, each year?

Once you contribute $1100 in CAN, US, NZ and AU, and £850 in the UK, as an Activator, you are IN for that year and are able to participate in voting to select the SheEO Ventures and the online community. To vote for and support the next round of Ventures, we kindly invite you to re-activate. Both past and present Activators are welcome to attend in-person and virtual SheEO events such as Activator Meet-ups, SheEO Simulcasts and the Global Summit.  Contributing each year allows us to fund more women-led Ventures who are working on the World’s To Do List. If your circumstances permit, we’d love for this to be an annual gift.

If Activators contribute each year for five years (because Ventures pay back the money over five years), then we will have created a perpetual fund, one that will be handed down to our daughters and granddaughters.

Why $1100 in CAN, US, NZ and AU, and £850 in the UK? That is a lot of money and may exclude people in our communities.

Our goal is to reach 1 million women who collectively create a $1B perpetual fund as soon as possible. Initially we experimented with $5,000 but determined it was too high of a starting point. We considered making it a much lower number but that created too many people in a community in each cohort. We also call this Radical Generosity, not simply, ‘generosity’. We know it’s a stretch. Some women have collaborated and divided up the $1100 in CAN, US, NZ and AU, and £850 in the UK, contribution amongst a few people (see ‘How do you Activate as a group?’), and we’ve this year added a Monthly Contribution option. After much experimentation and consultation we opted for $1100 in CAN, US, NZ and AU, and £850 in the UK, because we felt this amount was both feasible for many and scalable to achieve our goal. Once we reach our $1B fund we will likely find many other ways for many more people to be engaged. We view this as our version 1.0 design.

Can I pay by monthly contributions?

Yes! New this year, we have added an option to Activate with Monthly-Contributions. Your card will be charged on the same day each month. You will receive all the benefits of being an Activator from the moment you make your first month’s payment!

Can I auto-renew my Activator contribution?

Yes! Also new this year, we have added an Annual Auto-Renewal Activation option. With this, you pay $1,100 in CAN, US, NZ and AU, and £850 in the UK, on the spot for this year’s Activation, and then will be charged on the same day, each year following.

How do I select Ventures through your radically redesigned process?

You will receive a link to our online voting portal where you can view the Venture applications and select the companies that you are passionate about.  We ask Activators to select Ventures based on the following criteria:

  • Would you buy or refer this product or service?
  • Does the entrepreneur have what it takes to lead this company?
  • Do you think this business will benefit humanity (is it working on one or more of the sustainable development goals in how they run their business or in their product and service)?
  • Is the business exporting to other countries or have export potential?
What kind of Ventures do you support?

SheEO Ventures are revenue-generating with export potential and are working on the World’s To-Do List through their business model or their product and service. They are women-owned and women-led and creating new models, new mindsets, and new solutions that benefit humanity.  Currently, our Ventures are from all sectors from retail to artificial intelligence, and our Founders range in age from 22-70+ years old.

What are the terms of the loan provided to the Ventures?

The 0%-interest loan has a five-year term for each Venture. Ventures pay back their loans in 20 equal installments over a five year period. We track Venture milestones and success annually and report those results out to the community.  As the funds are paid back, the money gets reinvested into the fund and loaned out again to new Ventures.

Can I track how my money is helping SheEO Ventures?

Yes! We have designed a holistic SheEO Venture Health Check reporting system which is filled out on an annual basis by our entrepreneurs and provides a snapshot of each company’s performance so that you can see how the Ventures are doing.


We track metrics such as impact, mindset shifts, connections made, contribution to business success, revenue increases, markets accessed, jobs created, radical generosity indices, events delivered, people reached, and stories of positive impact.

How will you ensure that the SheEO Venture cohorts are held accountable?

We have developed a personalized Guided Development Program in which Ventures participate. They have 2 coaching calls each month and regular check-in with Activators and the SheEO team. All entrepreneurs will propose a ‘use of funds’ as part of the fund distribution process during our SheEO Venture Program roll-out. Each Venture will determine milestones and reporting structure as part of this process. As an Activator, you will receive annual updates on Venture performance. We believe in creating the conditions for the Ventures to thrive in our community. Most of our Ventures become Activators themselves, paying forward the radical generosity they received. With thousands of women watching their execution and contributing to their success, this entire program is designed to create the conditions for Ventures to be accountable.

What if I’m not an Activator? How can I stay in touch?

Sign up for our monthly impact updates where we share resources, Venture updates, and other tips for emerging entrepreneurs and business leaders. Follow us on social media. We often host events and meet-ups in conjunction with other organizations which we post on our public Events page!

Can I be both an Activator AND apply as a Venture?

Yes! We’ve had Activators apply as Ventures and Ventures join as Activators. You can absolutely be part of the community in both capacities and at the same time.

Many Activators and Ventures have found mentors, new clients, business partners and lifelong friends through the community.

As you may know, the Activators’ contributions are then pooled together and then loaned out in the form of 0%-interest loans to women-led Ventures whom the Activators help select.