Dream big this Eclipse

Today is a big day.  The Great American Eclipse is a time to manifest what you want for the next six months.  Take a moment today to dream big (as big as you can for yourself and/or your business), write it down and put it out there.  We will be dreaming today individually and as a team.

Today is a great opportunity for you to make a positive difference with your leadership.  Feel free to share your dreams on social media and tag us (@sheeo_world on Twitter & Instagram), and we will amplify them.

If you are thinking of applying to SheEO or know someone who is considering it, now is the time. Applying is like marketing your business to hundreds of women. And it’s a simple process.  Everyone gets feedback on their application and this year we will also connect applicants with women in our network who want to help.

Applications are accepted until Nov 1st 2017.

Learn more about what we are creating with the SheEO community in our video below.

In support of your dreams,
The SheEO Team

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