Decolonization with Ecko Aleck, Global Indigenous Lead

“To listen, to feel—is to Indigenize. The shattering of systems, which is what we’re in right now. It’s very uncertain. It’s uncomfortable. It’s scary, but we know it needs to happen. This creates space for the Natural Ways of Knowing to rise.”

Ecko Aleck, Global Indigenous Lead

In this episode

This special episode of the SheEO podcast was recorded during the weekly community calls with Ecko Aleck, Global Indigenous Lead. She explores with Activators and Ventures—what is decolonization? And how do we move through it? Systems change starts with us. Join our community to experience more types of these learnings at SheEO.World.

Ecko also discusses:

  • The process of re-imagining new systems and ways of being with ancestral wisdom
  • Story, teachings and personal decolonization tools
  • How we can reflect & connect in our own ways

We invite you to join us as an Activator at SheEO.World.

Take action and engage with Ecko Aleck:

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