Crowdsourced Resources for Entrepreneurs

June 9, 2017

Starting your own business can be challenging, and navigating the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape can be even more daunting. What are the best resources out there to get advice, look for funding, find partners, or build a marketing plan? At SheEO, we believe in the power of our network so we’re turning it over to YOU – our followers, Ventures, and Activators to crowdsource the best resources out there for early stage entrepreneurs or wantrepreneurs, Ventures who aren’t quite ready for SheEO funding yet, Ventures who didn’t get selected into the Top 25 or Top 5, or people who might just be starting out on their entrepreneurial journey.

This google doc is open, editable, and ready for you to add your best resources or look for a resource in your region. Keep checking back as more resources will get added all the time.

Questions? Comments? Drop us a note at

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