Transforming Food Waste to Create Sustainable Impact with Nivatha Balendra of Dispersa

“We wanted to look at it from a systemic change point of view. We can create more affordable ingredients if we integrate waste from the start.” — Nivatha Balendra, Dispersa In this episode Nivatha Balendra of Coralus Venture Dispersa joins Activator Danielle Cadhit to talk about her journey to founding Dispersa (starting from a science […]

Supporting Generational Change with Kristin Kagetsu of Saathi

“Consumers can only choose what they’re offered. If consumers demand something, companies will listen.” — Kristin Kagetsu, Saathi In this episode Kristin Kagetsu of Coralus Venture Saathi joins Activator Bryn Bamber to talk about her business, tackling period poverty, and how this creates a ripple effect in other areas of the lives of menstruators. They […]

Fighting the Hunger Crisis with Seema Sanghavi of Cooks Who Feed

“Over a third of the food we produce is wasted. And then you’ve got over 800 million people who don’t have enough to eat. It’s proven that we have enough food, it’s just a matter of getting it into people’s hands.” — Seema Sanghavi, Founder of Cooks Who Feed In this episode Seema Sanghavi of […]

Protecting the World’s Oceans with Elaine Leung of Sea Smart

“Our oceans are under great threat. Over 8 billion kilograms of plastic garbage is entering oceans every single year. This is equivalent to over a million elephants, or over 4 million SUVs. A huge amount of garbage.” — Dr. Elaine Leung, Founder of Sea Smart In this episode Meet SheEO Venture Sea Smart! Founder Dr. […]

Fostering Connections with Kerstyn Comley of MeeToo Education

“By making those connections in this very safe environment, it allows people to get all of that support and access they need.” — Kerstyn Comley, Co-Founder of MeeToo In this episode Meet SheEO Venture MeeToo! Co-founder Kerstyn Comley joins SheEO Activator Joanna Denton to tell us all about the platform, how they got started, and […]

Finding Purpose and Passion with Shari van de Pol of CATTLEytics

“What’s truly important in life and what we’re going after here — in the end, it’s people, it’s relationships. It’s how we’re bringing value to each other and how we’re bringing value to this community.” — Shari van de Pol, Founder of CATTLEytics In this episode Meet SheEO Venture CATTLEytics! Founder Shari van de Pol […]

Providing Access for Life with Kelly Twichel of Access Trax

“I want to make sure that those hotels and resorts understand that accessibility is really not as hard to achieve as they might think. And we’re here to help.” — Kelly Twichel, co-founder and CEO of Access Trax In this episode Meet SheEO Venture Access Trax! Founder Kelly Twichel joins SheEO Activator Vanessa Hall to […]