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About SheEO

SheEO has a goal of reaching 1 million women, $1B in funding and 10,000 entrepreneurs supported.

At SheEO, we value openness, agility, and simplicity. We are grounded in radical generosity. Keeping a radical mindset enables us to question assumptions, tune in to our wisdom and stay on the edge of innovation.

We work closely with our extensive Activator and entrepreneur network to leverage their expertise, their networks, and their buying power to help grow women’s businesses, including our own. We work to build experiences for all of us to realize we have everything we need to change the world.

As a SheEO Team Member, I am generous with everyone, including myself. I embrace the reality that everyone is on their own path. I acknowledge that there is no right way to do anything. And I honour the uniqueness in everyone I encounter. Being open allows me to continuously learn, iterate and improve in everything I do. I acknowledge that this is not always easy, and I ask for help when I need it.


What We Are Working on Together

At SheEO, we are looking to engage the most collaborative, curious learners who are energized, heart-forward, and deeply committed to building a better world. Our commitment is to build a distributed, lean, networked organization that leverages our extensive network.


A culture of super talented people that are creating magical experiences for our activators and ventures
Through our work, we magnify the impact of our activators, ventures and network
Through our data-driven approach, we connect the dots and think big-picture of the future we want to build

Current Opportunity

There are no current opportunities at SheEO.

Get involved

Get involved

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Become an Activator

Become an Activator and join a global community of women who are using their capital, buying power, networks and expertise in support of women-led Ventures.


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Become a Venture

Take your Venture and social impact to a new level. Apply to become a SheEO Venture and receive a 0% interest loan from a community of radically generous women.


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Join Learning Lab

SheEO Learning Lab is a series of live webinars and online resources that provides transformative peer mentorship to any woman who wants the skills and knowledge to grow as an intra/entrepreneur. All aspects of SheEO Learning Lab are led by Activators and Ventures in the SheEO community.