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Build Cultural Education Tech like Indigital

A new LIVE Series on Facebook & IGTV on Instagram called SheEO Unplugged where Ventures talk to each other about what is happening in their business during these times, what change they want to see in the world and their ASK to our community.

This week Mik from Indigital in Australia & Hannah – SheEO Venture in Residence dive into why Mik built the technology, what change she would like to see and her advice to entrepreneurs:
“Just do it”.

The ASK from Indigital:

If you are a school or teacher please sign up to get on the platform IndigitalSchools.com.

If you have any connections to National Geographic, please contact Indigital to work on a cool project.

Indigital is founded by Cabrogal Woman, Mikaela Jade from the Dharug-speaking Nations of Sydney in 2014, Indigital is Australia’s first Indigenous Edu-tech company, specializing in technology development and digital skills training in augmented and mixed realities, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things and geospatial technologies.



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