Bring SheEO to Your Country

Bring SheEO to Your Country

“Bringing SheEO to New Zealand has been instrumental in increasing the options for support, both financially and in other ways, for early stage women entrepreneurs. It has been life changing for many of the ventures. It is a fantastic model, combining excellent global support with local autonomy. At a personal level it has been a joy to be the country lead for New Zealand.”

–  Theresa Gattung, Activator

More than 150 regions from Asia-Pacific to Latin America
to Europe + North America have shown interest in our model.
Find out how you can bring SheEO to your region.

Since launching in 2015 in Canada, we have officially expanded to four regions: United States, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

We expand our model based on the readiness of the region. So far that has meant local women stepping forward to spread the word, gather key influencers and encourage women who are interested in becoming Activators to fill out the form below.

When your region reaches critical mass (which we measure by the number of sign-ups) we’ll be in touch.

Connect with us to bring SheEO to your country.