Become a SheEO UK Activator!

August 6, 2019

Our UK Activator Portal is now open! 
That means you can now be one of the first UK Activators to fund and support innovative, women-led businesses Working on the World’s To-Do list in the UK.
As an Activator you will:
  • Have access to a global community of radically generous women ready to support you
  • Be part of the Venture selection process
  • Meet other amazing local women who are here to create a better world

Are you IN? Click here to become an Activator

Activators contribute £850 (or choose monthly payments of £71) to a perpetual fund to support women-led businesses working on the World’s To-Do List in the UK.

We are so excited for you to join this growing, global community and can’t wait to see which Ventures you choose to receive funding and support.

Not in the UK? Help us get the word out! 

As NZ Super Activator Jenny Rudd says, “everybody has brainy, clever, smart, cool female friends in the UK!”

Please help us spread the word and share your SheEO experience with them. This is how our community grows – person by person, region by region. Share this post, tag them on social media and let them know about your SheEO experience!

We can’t wait to welcome IN our first UK Activators.

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