Apply to be a Venture

Applications for the next cycle will open in September 2019. To be notified via email when the Venture applications are re-opened, please complete the form below.

Our application process is straightforward.

1. Ventures introduce themselves to the network by answering 12 key questions about their business. No attachments, no pitch decks, no jargon.

2. Those selected as Top 25 Ventures will be asked to validate their financials, and submit a one minute video about their business.

Our criteria is simple.

1. Are you majority women-owned (51%+) and majority women-led? For SheEO, this means that the senior leadership role of CEO/ President is held by a woman.

2. At the time of application, have you generated between $50K – $2M (in the currency of the region for which you are applying) in revenue since January 2018?

3. Is your Venture registered as a legal entity in the region for which you are applying?

4. Does your Venture represent a new mindset, new model or new solution for a better world?

Activators select Ventures with the following in mind.

1. Would you buy or refer this product or service?

2. Does the entrepreneur have what it takes to lead this company?

3. Do you think this business is creating a better world (is it a new mindset, new model or new solution in how they run their business or in their product and service)?

4. Is the business exporting to other countries or have export potential?

As a SheEO Venture:

1. Receive a 0%-interest five-year term loan

2. Attend a personalized Venture Retreat

3. Receive one year of world-class coaching and support from our Guided Development Team

4. Gain access to a network of radically generous women who commit to support your success by opening up their vast networks and expertise and leverage their buying power for your products and service

5. Venture semi-finalists gain access to the SheEO online community where you can connect with hundreds of radically generous women to grow your business

6. Venture semi-finalists will receive a special invitation to our annual Summit & Cocktail



The 12 Application Questions

1. Describe Your Business

2. Why You? Why Now? – Why are you the person to solve the problem your business is addressing? Why is now the right time?

3. What stage are you at with your Venture today and what’s your vision for the future?

4. Does your product or service, or how you operate your business, create a better world? Please explain

5. How do you make money? What is your current business model?

6. How much money have you raised from other sources?

7. How do you plan on growing your business?

8. What are your top business challenges?

9. How would you use this loan to grow your business?

10. Tell us about your team. How do you divide up roles and responsibilities? Number of full-timers on your team? Number of part-timers/contractors on your team?

11. Are you currently meeting with a mentor or coach or advisor? Why or why not?

12. How has your business model evolved over time?


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