Australian Activators

Joining the SheEO network in 2018, Australia is our fourth region. With radically generous women from every state engaged, Australia is currently activating to fund, support and celebrate female entrepreneurs who are creating a better world.

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What I love about being an Activator

I’m IN because I’m thrilled to be able to invest in women and to be part of this thriving community.

Amanda Levy Brekenridge

I’m IN for my daughter and all the young women that will define the future of Canada and our world.

Julia Elvidge Chipworks

I’m IN! Fuelling women’s creativity in commerce helps heal the world.

Danielle Laporte Danielle LaPorte Incorporated

Super Activators

Anne-Marie Elias
Social impact and social change

Hollie Gordon

Julie Trell

Julie Demsey
Julie Demsey Consulting

Moira Were
Chooks SA

Sally-Ann Williams

Sue Hogan
SBE Australia

Meet the Activators in your Region

Meet the women on the ground rallying, self-organizing, and growing our network to make SheEO possible.

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