Australian Activators

Joining the SheEO network in 2018, Australia is our fourth region. With radically generous womxn from every state engaged, Australia selected their first cohort of Ventures to fund, support and celebrate this year!

Presenting sponsors of the Summit

What I love about being an Activator

“It’s great to get to know a set of women-led companies, which our women-led fund can invest in as the companies expand and need additional funding.”

Alicia Robb Founder & CEO of Next Wave Ventures

“Skipper Otto’s supplied the fish for the SheEO Summit and Gala, and my goal was to raise $3000 in new membership that night. I ended up blowing through my target by a long shot – raising over $14,000 from the incredible support and radical generosity of the Activators in the room!”

Sonia Strobel Skipper Otto's Community Supported Fishery

I’m IN because studies prove it and my intuition screams it: nothing improves the world like helping lift up other women.

Annika Paradise

Super Activators

Anne-Marie Elias
Social impact and social change

Carol Vale


Holly Ransom


Juila Steel

Julie Trell

Julie Demsey
Julie Demsey Consulting


Kate Kirwin


Marie Skelton


Milica Mitrevski

Moira Were
Chooks SA

Sally-Ann Williams

Sue Hogan
SBE Australia

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Meet the womxn on the ground rallying, self-organizing, and growing our network to make SheEO possible.

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