In 2013, Vicki experimented with a support model for women entrepreneurs that included 10 women contributing $5,000 each, creating a $50,000 pool of capital and granting it to 10 ventures all at the very early stage of their businesses. The learning from two iterations of that model launched the concept of radical generosity.

Abigail Slater

Anne Saunders
Saunders Farm Inc.

Dana Allen
Sports Marketing Consultant

Elizabeth Dowdeswell
Council of Canadian Academies

Elizabeth Pizzinato
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Helen Burstyn

Lisa Slater
All things food

Marilyn Short

Martha G Billes
Canadian Tire Corporation Limited

Petra Kassun-Mutch
Eve-Volution Inc & LiisBeth Media

Phyllis Yaffe

Sue Griggs
The Coaching Project, Inc.