Region: Australia

Adina Jacobs
Mentor Walks

Agatha Fox
Amplifier for social impact and positive change

Alicia Park
Feminist and Enthusiast, Telstra

Allisa O’Connell
Infinity Holidays

Amanda Coombs
Commonwealth Bank

Anastasia Cammaroto
Westpac Group

Ange Ferguson
Technology Executive

Anna Dimond
Palas Jewellery

Anna Lockwood
Telstra Broadcast Services

Annabel Millet

Anne-Marie Elias
Social impact and social change

Bessi Graham

Bridget Thakrar
South East Water

Bronwen Zande
Soul Solutions

Carey Furze
Bookform Pty Ltd

Carol Vale


Carole-Anne Priest

Cath McGirr
Port Jackson Partners

Cayetana Martinez
University of Queensland

Cheryl Pearl

Deborah Hoger
Riley Callie Resources

Deirdre Boyle

Elana Robertson

Francie Doolan
Small Giants / Impact Investment Group

Gabbi Stubbs
Consultant and Mentor

Gabrielle Iwanow
Oz Minerals

Gail Wong
Champion for Women with their Money/Business

Gauri Bhalla
Curious Collective

Hannah Frank

Helen Andrew
Spare Harvest