2018 SheEO Venture Semi-Finalists


Aitken Frame Homes is disrupting the Canadian property market by manifesting a bold Global vision for housing affordability and sustainability; realized locally through the use of their proprietary, smart-value housing system.

A program led by Olympian Sarah Wells, we empower and inspire youth to develop resilience and self-belief, turning individual potential in to an attainable reality.

WGHI is a social impact enterprise focused on development of innovative reusable, environmentally low impact, chemical, drug and hormone-free menstrual, sexual and reproductive health products for adolescent girls and women.

Chickapea makes healthy eating easier and more enjoyable with pasta made from just 2 ingredients, organic chickpeas and lentils.

A linen service tailored to the hospitality industry, employing people facing homelessness and poverty at a living wage.

DALCINI™ Stainless are the award-winning makers of beautiful, healthy, sustainable housewares helping households reduce their consumption of toxic chemicals and single-use waste.

eChart Healthcare is raising the standards of care through innovation by joining families and long term care facilities together bringing more support to the caregivers and bringing peace of mind to the families by completing the circle of care through better communication.

Eve Medical is a social enterprise dedicated to improving women’s health - We are the makers of Eve Kit, Canada’s first at-home HPV and STI screening service. Cervical cancer is very preventable, yet 1 in 3 Canadian women are not screened regularly. Our mission is to change this.

We deliver local and organic food to communities throughout BC and Alberta through an easy online ordering system.

An open access platform where knowledge and information can be searched, shared and "True Peer" reviewed, resulting in the practical application of global wisdom.

Haircuts on Wheels is a mobile haircare service specializing in seniors in homes, hospitals and retirement salons across the GTA.

Indig Inc is an online business platform and global marketplace for Indigenous Artisans.

Little Robot Friends creates toys, apps, and teaching materials for introducing code and electronics to kids age 7 and up. Our approach combines hands-on making with storytelling and creative exploration to teach STEAM skills in a fun and engaging way.

Monarch designs and manufactures clothing for people who are unable to dress themselves, eliminating the strain and struggle of assistive dressing for the person being dressed and their caregiver.

Peekapak is an award-winning, learning platform that helps educators and families build the capacity to teach Pre-K to 5 students emotional intelligence skills like self-regulation, empathy and teamwork through original stories, evidence-based lessons and game-based learning experience.

Routine manufactures (in Canada), distributes (worldwide) and markets a “life changing” natural deodorant, currently “taking the deodorant world by storm” to quote a retailer on social media.

Saccade Analytics provides accurate and quick evaluation of neurological function by analyzing eye movements in virtual reality, our first target markets are concussion and vestibular disorders.

A 100% cruelty-free fashion house.

Sea Smart inspires and empowers kids to love and protect our oceans through fun, hands-on summer camps, after school programs, and school workshops.

SomaDetect is the world’s premier deep learning company in dairy.

STEM Minds provides STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs to kids ages 4-14 as part of our mission to create the next generation of leaders, game changers, and problem solvers. Our holistic program offerings inspire youth to discover their place in the world of STEM and embrace #fearlesslearning

The Chufa Co. is a next generation dairy alternative company using sustainable, non-gmo tigernuts to create a line of prebiotic, high-fibre, high-protein milks, ice-creams and other dairy alternative products and we've successfully introduced the crop to Ontario.

Easiest way to learn ingredients and shop clean beauty and personal care products!

Tickit Health captures the patient voice allowing providers to easily improve health outcomes.

Tooketree Homes

This venture is building envelope solutions to accelerate quality affordable housing, housing that can mitigate climate change and provide safe, healthy, durable and beautiful shelter, through prefabrication of a high performance panelized building system, passive house optimization and healthy low carbon materials.

Wastenot Farms collects compost from GTA offices to feed our earthworms, producing our Jocelyn's Soil Booster worm manure all-natural plant food.

Thank you to everyone who applied!


Together, former Miss America Nina Davuluri and Wharton MBA Student Rooshy Roy are sparking the ‘iBeauty’ movement through the creation of aavrani, an Indian Inspired Luxury Skincare line bringing together their cultural roots and modern luxury.

aubot designs robots that fit the needs of a variety of individuals. From robotic arms that attach to wheelchairs for people with a disability, to telepresence robots that allow a more human-like communication over long distances, schools, museums, hospitals, and offices have been benefiting from aubot's creations.

BioCellection converts contaminated, unrecyclable waste plastics into valuable sustainable chemicals for the production of materials such as nylon, polyurethane, polyester, and compostable materials, thereby solving plastic pollution and petroleum dependence and providing a circular economy that reconciles ecology and economy.

Birchwood Solutions works with state licensing boards to provide managed support services for healthcare professionals in recovery from addiction. We are the “what now?” after treatment. Our vision is to expand beyond healthcare to other industries and community programs in the near future. We will fight stigma on addiction.

Bloom Bras is empowering women of all shapes, sizes, and stages to feel good moving with a line of customizable bras designed to lift vs. squish for 28C-56L.

CivicMapper is a geospatial information services and technology company that helps clients to leverage their geospatial data assets for mission success. We design maps, create and curate geodata, and build analytical tools for projects in government, environment, geoscience, and commerce.

Coder Bunnyz - Spread the love of coding to one billion kids in the world through fun board game.

Cropsticks, an innovative chopstick with a built-in rest made from sustainable bamboo is the first product from Cropmade, an eco friendly line made for Asian Cuisine.

Farm from a Box is complete off-grid toolkit that marries the classic community farm with clean technologies to make it more efficient, less wasteful and more productive, all with a low carbon footprint.

Similar to Fair Trade, Gender Fair independently and rigorously rates companies’ commitment to equality and diversity, and then motivates society to support those that meet the standards in the marketplace.

Global Wordsmiths is a Social Enterprise that provides language translation and interpretation, plus language access consulting and training, in order to advance a culture of language accessibility awareness and to expand opportunities for immigrants and refugees.

Empower working mothers by working with HR teams to create, upgrade, and maintain amazing mother's rooms, efficient hospital-grade breast pumps at work, and interactive on-site classes for parents across the US.

Hearken helps news organizations listen to the public and engage with their audience as a story develops from pitch to publication to create public-powered journalism that builds trust and revenue.

NeedsList is transforming an outdated and overwhelmed humanitarian aid system by providing a central marketplace for real time needs.

The medtech startup, PELV-ICE is tackling the massively undeserved $100B pelvic pain market. PELV-ICE designs and manufactures evidence-based care solutions that improve pelvic trauma outcomes, pain management and healing. PELV-ICE has successfully launched their Mama Strut pelvic support systems for postpartum recovery and has supported over 15,000 mamas to date.

Possip helps schools get weekly parent feedback using text and web-based surveys in 50 languages and actionable reports for schools.

SSM is a leading platform for users to discover, listen and license authentic international music for use in media where the revenue generated goes back to the artists in their countries.

Sharpen is a content creation and delivery platform that improves engagement and efficiency for large networks.

Solstice is a turnkey customer software company that connects Americans to free community-shared solar power.

The Jane Club is a co-working space with separate but onsite childcare and an entire infrastructure to redefine what it means to be a working mother.

Thinker-Tinker creates a character-based learning platform that blends traditional tactile play with digital interaction. We transform screen time into quality, active playtime. We are producing products using our self-created characters and those licensed from our animation studio partner.

TygaBox is a reusable plastic box/dolly moving system that’s rented to companies moving, reducing moving costs by 30% and waste-to-landfill by 100% because no trees are cut down and no waste is created. We’ve eliminated 1B lbs of cardboard from clogging landfills and saved 100M trees from being destroyed.

Uprise Art is an online art gallery for the next generation of art collectors.

Tempered Glass Food Containers to reduce food waste.

The Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) Project facilitates the development of entrepreneurship skills among systems-involved girls and non-binary youth of color to create socially conscious products as a source of sustainable organizational funding and social change through product-inspired kitchen table conversations.

Thank you to everyone who applied!