2018/2019 SheEO Ventures


Aitken Frame Homes is disrupting the Canadian property market by manifesting a bold Global vision for housing affordability and sustainability; realized locally through the use of their proprietary, smart-value housing system.

A linen service tailored to the hospitality industry, employing people facing homelessness and poverty at a living wage.

Eve Medical is a social enterprise dedicated to improving women’s health - We are the makers of Eve Kit, Canada’s first at-home HPV and STI screening service. Cervical cancer is very preventable, yet 1 in 3 Canadian women are not screened regularly. Our mission is to change this.

Routine manufactures (in Canada), distributes (worldwide) and markets a “life changing” natural deodorant, currently “taking the deodorant world by storm” to quote a retailer on social media.

Saccade Analytics provides accurate and quick evaluation of neurological function by analyzing eye movements in virtual reality, our first target markets are concussion and vestibular disorders.

SomaDetect is the world’s premier deep learning company in dairy.

Easiest way to learn ingredients and shop clean beauty and personal care products!

Wastenot Farms collects compost from GTA offices to feed our earthworms, producing our Jocelyn's Soil Booster worm manure all-natural plant food.


BioCellection converts contaminated, unrecyclable waste plastics into valuable sustainable chemicals for the production of materials such as nylon, polyurethane, polyester, and compostable materials, thereby solving plastic pollution and petroleum dependence and providing a circular economy that reconciles ecology and economy.

Farm from a Box is complete off-grid toolkit that marries the classic community farm with clean technologies to make it more efficient, less wasteful and more productive, all with a low carbon footprint.

Solstice is a turnkey customer software company that connects Americans to free community-shared solar power.

TygaBox is a reusable plastic box/dolly moving system that’s rented to companies moving, reducing moving costs by 30% and waste-to-landfill by 100% because no trees are cut down and no waste is created. We’ve eliminated 1B lbs of cardboard from clogging landfills and saved 100M trees from being destroyed.

The Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) Project facilitates the development of entrepreneurship skills among systems-involved girls and non-binary youth of color to create socially conscious products as a source of sustainable organizational funding and social change through product-inspired kitchen table conversations.