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I’m IN for my daughter and all the young women that will define the future of Canada and our world.

Julia Elvidge
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“I had a very limited ability to envision future growth and where I wanted to take the company. As a result of the support of SheEO, I am astronomically more bold with my targets and my confidence that we will reach those targets. I now know, if I want to change the world, I have to think much bigger than I was before.”

Sonia Strobel
Skipper Otto's Community Supported Fishery
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WTF Wednesday #1

The SheEO team has been encouraging me to start a regular WTF Wednesday’s post. I tend to rant in silence or in the office, or in a car, or to my husband, to friends, uhm, I rant a LOT, I guess, but I rarely do it out loud. When Emily, our new Comms person joined the team she scheduled an hour of “smash the patriarchy” into my calendar each week.…

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